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Professor Chimpy was awarded his black belt in 2021 from Masters Leo and Alvaro Bobadilla as a member of the illustrious Grappling Fight Team(GFT,) founded in Rio De Janeiro Brazil. Studying Bjj and actively competing in mixed martial arts since 2011 he has acquired a vast degree of knowledge in combat sports and accumulated many Gi and No-Gi competition titles along this journey.

Upon suffering a serious hand injury in his last MMA bout, he devoted himself solely to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practice with a view to achieving the Faixa Preta or black belt.

Studying the last seven years under Master Leo in Mandurah, it was during this time that he had the opportunity to train with and learn from a selection of multiple world champion athletes and also some of the world’s best coaches to realise his dream. The last five years he has been a coach at the GFT Mandurah, Rockingham and Baldivis Academies, building a reputation along the way as a much sought after coach who values the old world principles of martial arts but also one with a passion for innovation and a grasp of ever evolving sports concepts and advancements.

Now the dream for Professor Chimpy is bringing these techniques, concepts and mentoring to the community and athletes of the Kwinana and surrounding areas.

We are only just getting started and journey is long but together we are stronger!


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Phronesis : noun

A term rooted in ancient Greek philosophy, embodies practical wisdom— the ability to make sound judgments and decisions in the midst of real-world challenges.
In the world of BJJ, phronesis manifests as the art of strategic and intelligent grappling. It's not just about mastering techniques; it's about understanding when and how to apply them, adapting to the dynamic flow of a match and making wise choices on the mat.



40 Meares Rd, Kwinana Town Centre, WA 6167


Chimpy 0458 254 858

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